The End of the School Year


Sometimes the best thing you can do for your children is to be there. A few weeks ago there was a field trip for Sammie’s school. They were going to Blue Gap Farm and Fort Fun. I had fully intended to be there, but we got the day mixed up and I missed it. To say that Sammie was disappointed would be an understatement. She came home and tearfully said “Daddy didn’t come today.”

When it came time for the end of the school year party for her class, I was going to make sure that I did not miss it. I made it and when I got there they were already on the playground. She saw me before I saw her. As I walked toward the playground I heard her squeal “Daddy!” As I walked closer she had this huge smile on her face as she jumped around excitedly. It was a moment I will never forget. I will make try especially hard to be at every event for Katie an Sammie.

Climby Climberson

I'm working on a longer post.  But I wanted to take time out to tell you about Sammie's new adventures.  We've always had difficulty keeping her off the stairs, so we make sure we have a gate across the bottom of the stairs, and generally we let her wander through out the house.  But she now she has been adding to her repertoire of climbing starting here:
Then she progressed here:
Then to here:
Now she's taking a foot stool to climb on the couch and the other day, Janet found her in the middle of out dining room table.  She is smart and dangerous.

In Him,

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2012 has arrived.  For me there was no fanfare and no party, I was asleep when it arrived.  I woke up and and went downstairs to see Janet and the girls quietly watching television.  We spent the day watching movies and just enjoying each other.  And then we retired to bed again.
As the days have rolled on I have felt there are many things I want to do.
  1. I want to teach the Bible.  I have approached those at our church about doing that, but as of yet no opportunity has presented itself.  So I am going to pray and look for a venue to do this.
  2. In the past year I have posted three fewer posts on this than in 2011.  My goal is to double that number at least, but I'm shooting for at least one per week for a grand total of 56.
  3. I like television and I see nothing wrong with it, but it can be a time waster when you watch the same programs over and over again.  I want to cut that back and fill that time with reading.  I want to read at least one book per week.  It may be really easy, I'll just encourage Janet to watch more cooking shows, not that she needs it.  She likes them and I don't, so I read instead.
  4. I want to listen to at least one Biblical podcast per day.  I can do that while I work so that shouldn't be an issue.
  5. I need to start walking more, mainly because my cardiologist has suggested it and partly because I really need more exercise.
I think these are attainable goals without changing my life too much.  I hope you will help keep me accountable.

In Him,

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Recently, I was saddened when a friend announced that he was "officially divorced."  We have had a long standing friendship, that dates back to my Navy days, but we haven't really seen each other in years.  We were part of a close knit fellowship of believers on board the ship I was stationed on toward the end of my enlistment.  I'll tell you more about them later.

When I say that I was saddened, I'm not sure that actually describes it.  My heart began to ache, literally.

I was saddened not only for the end of this marriage, but also for the number of my friends who are no longer walking with the Lord.  I was saddened for the number of years when I did not walk with the Lord.

It saddens me when I know someone who has died does not know the Lord.  It makes it all the more urgent for each of us to share the good news story.  To share our story.

I've Got to Brag

I have to take a moment to brag on Katie.  This morning we went into WAWA as we normally do.  I got my usual 24 ounce cup of coffee and some bacon for Katie.  I paid and as we left, we encounter this woman at the door.  Katie looked at her and said "You dropped this,"  and handed her a five dollar bill.  The woman was so surprised and thrilled with Katie's honesty, she gave her the five dollars.  I was so proud of her, I began to cry.  I held her close and told her I was extremely proud of her.  Those are the moments we fathers love and I hope to see many more.