The Beginning

We love children. It's really as simple as that. My wife, Janet, and I, Jim, have been married in the excess of nine years and never had children. Well let me qualify that, Janet has three girls from a previous marriage. Those girls are all adults now.

For various reasons Janet and I wanted to have children together. We didn't seem to be able to have children biologically, so we opted for adoption. Janet had two miscarriages, if you have ever gone through this experience, you know how heartbreaking this can be.

Janet and I discussed at length whether or not to adopt. Ultimately we decided to adopt from China.

I know, why China? Well, once we decided to adopt we began to toss around domestic vs iternational. We discussed minority and biracial children. We couldn't make up our mind. One day Janet was channel surfing and came across a National Geographic program about Chinese orphans. These little girls are abandoned for at least two reasons.
  1. China has a one child policy.
  2. Boys are preferred to girls.
Well, it was clear that these girls had a need and so did we. Maybe we could fulfill each other's need.

Fastforward to January 2005, I was thumbing through the newspaper, which was a miracle in of itself (I prefer the comics), I spied an ad for an information meeting about Chinese adoptions. I called about it. Janet and I were set to go. But alas I had to work on the very day of the meeting. I felt sure that Janet would not go by herself. Janet almost didn't go, but Carol, who was holding the meeting, called and invited us personally. So Janet stepped out of her comfort zone (our second miracle) and went to the meeting.

While at the meeting, Janet met a couple, Chris and Kerry, who had adopted a little girl themselves. They gave Janet their number and told her if we had any questions to call. Janet did and they invited us over. They shared with us their adoption experiences and we had the priviledge of meeting Nicole, their daughter. I should mention we have become good friends and they have gone back for their second daugher Justine.

Anyway on October 29 we turned in our initial paperwork for the adoption process. I know this blog was long hopefully the rest won't be quite as long.

Hopefully this blog will chronicle our adventure in adoption.

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