Home Study Started

We finally started our home study. We met Kathy (our social worker) at Panera Bread in Potomac Mills. It was kind of a hectic day for us. We started out with one of our cars acting a little funny, so we took our KIA Sephia. We were trying to get a little Christmas shopping done and get a new coat for me. We were more successful with the coat.

We were looking for the game CandyLand for a little girl our Sunday School had adopted. I incorrectly assumed that the game would be easy to find. It was easier to find closer to home, if you can find the right toy store. That's a whole other story.

Anyway, back to our meeting with Kathy. She is an extremely nice lady, and we or at least I didn't really feel like we were being part of a home study. Just some people talking. I expect that's because they want to see what kind of people we are. I would think that you don't want just anyone adopting children. At any rate we talked for almost two hours, and got our assignments -- working on our biographies. Janet says this is going to be a problem for her, and I'm not sure it will be easy for me either.

On another note, our friends Chris and Kerry have gotten the opportunity to adopt a newborn baby boy. It's sort of a long story, but suffice it to say God is working in this. The funny thing is they said they were through adopting, but you know God had other plans. Janet is somewhat envious. I am too, only because I can't wait to be a father. All in God's time.

Keep praying for us.

In Jesus' Name,


  1. God will provide and meet your every need each step of the way as you go through your journey to your precious daughter. We too are in the process and we KNOW that we absolutely cannot do it without HIM!
    Blessings & Joy,
    Peggy & Bob

  2. I know how you feel - people all around us arfe adopting and having babies. God has the perfect one for us out there - you too. We just have to wait until the right one is going to be born.

  3. I know how you feel - everyone around us is adopting ang having babies. God has a plan and the right baby for us - we just need to wait until they will be born...

  4. Hi Just wantng to wish you well and asking the Lord's blessingon your adoption journey. It iwll have its hills and valleys, and I can already tell that you believe it willin fact work out in His time. Lord bless you both.