So Much...

It’s almost been three months since the last post, and so much has happened.   Janet and I have decided to put the adoption on hold until the end of the year.  I know, I know, it seems like a drastic action, but wait until you hear why.

Well first thing that happened was they raised our rent.  Okay, it happens all the time no big deal, right?  Wrong!!  They decided to raise our rent by over $200.  I don’t know about you, but I consider this a very significant increase.   By the way if we went month to month and didn’t sign a lease, they were going to charge us $400 a month more (not in addition to the $200).  So we decided to move.

Well since we were going to move anyway, we thought “Why don’t we pay off our credit cards?”  This seemed like a good idea since we didn’t have that much in credit card debt and we could pay it off in a few months.

Then the big thing happened.  Stephanie, Janet’s youngest daughter, called.   To tell you about her is an extremely long story.  And I do mean LONG.  She wanted us to take custody of her daughter Cadence Rene (we call her Cady).  Well, we thought about it for a few seconds (if that long) and we said yes.  And a car trip and about a thousand dollars later, we welcomed Cady into our life.  Don’t get hung up on the thousand dollar part, that’s just an illustration of why we’re going to wait.

Finally, we transferred back to the Newport News area.  We found a nice apartment, and just recently moved back.  I’m happy to be back, I’m not so sure about Janet, but time will tell.

I could have told this story in greater detail, but I’m saving that for the book (.   At any rate, that’s why we’re waiting until the end of this year to finish the adoption.  

I’ll try to update more frequently.

Take care and Praise Him Always,


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