New Approach

I though I'd take a new approach to this blogging thing. I've always wanted to write and keep a journal. So I thought I'd combine them into this blogging thing.

I also thought I'd try to make this a nearly daily thing. Especially since the whole adoption process has slowed down. We're still doing it but with getting Cadie , changing jobs, and moving, it is nearly impossible to continue with the adoption at the speed we wanted. But as the Bible says "His ways are not our ways". So we just have to continue on.

I know this thought has occurred to others, but it seems to me that if you are pro life, you are also pro adoption. What I mean is it would seem that these organizations that make such a fierce stand against abortion would make an equally fierce stand for adoption.

I'll give you an example the Southern Baptists (I'm Southern Baptist), I took some time and searched there web site for any information they have for support of adoption, and found very little. Of course I'm not going to stop there, I'm going to start writing the leadership of the Convention and see if this is something that we can change.

I think we all need to get on this bandwagon, children can't help themselves.

Before I go let me share a picture from Cadie's first birthday.

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