They grow..

It's hard to believe that picture was taken just a few months ago. Cadie is much taller now and walking a lot. It's funny how you spend so much time teaching them to walk and then you want to nail their feet to the floor.

There are so many stories I could share with you that I don't know where to begin.

Perhaps the funniest story is the about the cat's water dish. Janet and Cadie have had this ongoing battle about the cat's water dish. Cadie thinks she should be able to play in it, Janet disagrees.

One morning I was getting Cadie ready to go to the baby sitters and myself ready to go to work. Cadie was chattering away playing in the apartment when she stopped and looked at me and said "Don't tell grandma." Then she headed into the laundry room straight for the water dish. I stopped her before she put her little hands into that water dish.

Soooo Ok - it may not have been what she said since her vocabulary is limited, but it sure sounded that way.

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