Life moves on...

So I guess today is another day.  Well except for the fact that Katie hasn't slept through the night since we moved.  Did I mention that we moved?  We needed a larger and quieter place.  The place we were living in only had 1250 square feet and we moved to a 1450 square foot town home.   These probably seem like mundane details, but they were important to us.

We needed a quieter place because the although the first set was new construction, the walls were paper thin.  We could actually hear the people next door breathe.

The lady downstairs has come up four times since the beginning of the year to complain about the noise from our apartment.  Never mind the fact that we have been living there since last April.  I wonder what's changed.

Katie and I have both been sick.  It could be since we spend most of the time with each other.  We have an appointment tomorrow to see the doctor.

On to adoption news, we have changed from China to Vietnam.  Not by choice.  They have changed the rules so now we don't qualify.  It's okay,  I figure the Lord is in this and he has a plan.

I will try to keep you posted on the progress.  Hopefully more often too. <><

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