We have met the enemy and they are small.

So now the weekend is over and I am back at work recuperating.  I was called away from work for what cannot be considered a small emergency.  Katie's temperature was over 102.  Janet located me via cell phone at a luncheon in which we were saying a fond farewell to one of our colleagues.

Being the SuperDad I quickly sprang into action and left - leaving the gent who rode with me high and dry. (Not really - I did make sure he had transportation.)  I left the luncheon and headed quickly to the babysitter's.  Upon my arrival I quickly assessed the situation - the Baby was crying and definitely had a temperature, you could feel it through her clothes.

She fell asleep on the way home and when I got her home, I put her to bed and gave her Tylenol. (In that order) 

Thus beginning a long weekend.

Friday it was my turn to stay home with the Katie.  We both had a doctor's appointment that day so it just made sense.

Generally speaking Katie sleeps pretty good, but since the move she has been waking up in the middle of the night.  She can't seem to get back to sleep unless she is laying directly on top of me.  Comfort for her, not so much for me.  I finally got smart last night, when she drifted off to sleep I took her back to her own bed and was able to salvage the night of sleep.

It could be that we let Katie sleep too long in the afternoon, because we have a heck of a time getting her to go to sleep at night.  Yesterday we could not get her to go down for a nap, until Janet snuggled her in her arms and let her go to sleep there.  Bad day to miss church.

Last night thoroughly exhausted from her antics and trying to get things cleaned up from the move, we lazed in bed and watched TV filtered through a two year olds laughter.  After a while we both looked at each other and began to wonder (not seriously) if we really wanted another.

I think you can guess that Katie is fine.  Just some residual ear infection stuff, her right ear is not draining right, it seems.  Will keep you updated.

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