Let the Air out of your Ego

Okay so I'm not so good at this blogging stuff. I can't seem to do this on a regular basis. My goal is to write everyday and if you look at the date between this post and the last post you can see I'm extremely bad.

Last night at church I went down to get Katie from the nursery so that she and Janet could go home. Janet was getting Jasmyn, our foster child. Christina our neighbor from across the street was picking up her little girl, Victoria. (Next story I'm just going to post a cast of characters). Christina said, "I'm so lucky to have a child that makes me feel loved." Apparently Victoria had screamed in delight when she saw her mommy. Well knowing that Katie always screams "Pappa" at the top of her lungs whenever she sees me I said "Watch this", and went in to get Katie. She took one looked at me and said "noooo." I was interrupting an important game of "Duck, Duck, Goose." My ego was severely deflated. Oh well very little lasts forever.

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  1. Well, trust me, there are plenty of times when I'm the last one Victoria wants to see... like in the mornings when she wants Daddy - and Daddy is already at work... so it all balances out in the end. :)