I've come to the conclusion that everything in life in order to be successful needs to begin with consistency. You want to be a good parent be consistent about you discipline. You want to do well at your job be consistent about your work habits. You want to get in shape be consistent about exercise. You want to be successful in your walk with Jesus then be consistent about your prayer and bible time.

The trouble is, I believe, we live in this fast food society where we can go through a drive through and get a tasty but less than nutritious meal in less than five minutes. And we want to do the same thing all the other aspects of our life. We are bombarded with ads like "Get fit in as little as 10 minutes a day!" And we buy into it. But the truth of it is we are just going to have to make some hard choices and turn off the TV. Get off the couch and start to move, eat properly, read our bibles and pray.

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