A Day in the Life

I was able to get Katie up with little fussing and whining this morning. Yesterday was a wash because she cried from the time I got her up until the time I got her in the car. Bear in mind that I have to get her up and dressed and then get Jasmyn up and dressed. Most mornings she wants me to carry her to the car. I know she could walk, but I know the day is coming when she won't want to be held by me anymore and I'll take all I can get while I can still get it.

About a month ago we took the girls to see Disney on Ice, and Katie hasn't forgotten. Every time we pass by the coliseum she wants to go in to see the "movie." We would like to take her to see The Wiggles next week but we have visitation that night. We're going to ask Jasmyn's grandfather if he wants to go and bring his other granddaughter.

I don't know if Katie is starting to take to the potty training but she wants to wear underwear, I'm taking this as a good sign. We'll see.

I hope that a job offer comes through soon, because this job is driving me nuts. I know I don't have far to go.

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