Katie and Jasmyn

I love to tell stories of Katie and Jasmyn. Well more Katie than Jasmyn. I love Jasmyn, but she's not really doing a whole lot yet, so there's not a lot to tell.

The other night, I had Jasmyn to myself (with Katie that doesn't happen often). So I decided to teach her to walk (I know she's only ten months old, but she's gifted) . I propped her up against the recliner and held out my hands, she laughed (I told you she was gifted). At least she stood.

About a month ago, I took the kids to the babysitters and one of the mothers (I was going to say other mothers, but I'm not a mother) arrived. She said "If you need help, I'll take the baby."(I think she just wanted to hold the baby). I said "Okay," and then went around to get Katie out of the car. Katie began to cry and said "My Baby." If we have to give up Jasmyn, it's going to be hardest on Katie. Janet and I won't be far behind though.

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