I was sorta tagged by the rebellious April. She tagged anyone who read her post. And my mother had to go and teach me to read. I could tell you there is nothing interesting or noteworthy about my life, but that really not a prerequisite (thank you spell checker). Just random/weird things. (Deep breath) So here goes.

1. I was single until I was 36 years old. It wasn't that I didn't want to get married, but there were a lot (okay maybe not a lot) of women out there that just plain got on my nerves. Before Janet, my longest relationship was about four months. Janet and I might not have lasted very long either but she fed me.

2. I went to college on the twenty year plan. I started at Christopher Newport in 1984 when it was Christopher Newport College and graduated in 2004 when it was Christopher Newport University. If you think you are too old, "fogedaboutit." In my graduating class there was a woman who 69 years old.

3. I didn't become a poppa/dad until I was 44. We were already trying to adopt when we were asked to take in Katie. When we were asked, we didn't have to think about it very hard. We took her into our home and into our hearts. We haven't regretted a day since, a minute maybe, but never a day.

4. I hate driving, which is why you see Janet driving most of the time. She's not crazy about driving, but she hates it less than I do. And she is far more patient than I am.

5. I am completely deaf in my right ear. Whenever, I walk with people I'm always jockeying for the position to the right of them so I can hear what they are saying. If you watch Janet and I, she is almost always to my left.

6. While this is not necessarily weird, it is random and needs to be said constantly: I love my wife. She is the first person who always made me feel important and unconditionally loved. Sometimes I think I don't always treat her the way she should be. But she is the damsel for this knight in not so shining armor.

7. Lastly, but not most importantly, I want to be liked by everyone. I envy Janet because she is. She is very shy and very quiet, but when you get to know her she is also very genuine and everyone likes her. I think maybe I try too hard.

Well that's enough about me, and I'm going to be less rebellious than April and actually tag someone. I'm going to tag Christina Clayton Brandal. One because she's my neighbor and Keith doesn't have a blog, two because she's the only other person I know in the blogshpere that hasn't been tagged and three because she needs to update her blog.

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