Food Fight

Well last night I disqualified myself for father of the year. As Katie went to bed she said she was hungry and Janet told her no food. I left the room and went on about my nightly business and finally went to bed about 10:00 PM. About 12:30 AM Jasmine starts screaming I have no idea why, but Janet was handling it and since it did finally wake me up I went to see if I could help. But by that time Janet had managed to get Jasmyn calmed down and back to sleep. So back to bed we went.

A short time late I was awakened by a small hand patting me on the chest. I lifted her into our bed since I knew that was what she wanted. "Poppa, I'm hungry" was next on the hit parade. My first instinct was to tell her no since there was (in my mind) no way this child was hungry. Before she went to bed, she had eaten enough to have fed a small third world village. But she whined and I relented. As I stumbled to the kitchen I muttered to myself (or to the cats) "one day I'm going to wake up and find that she has eaten us." I got some honey ham and brought it back to her.

"No. I don't want that ham." she said as I placed it before her. "I want the other ham." Not being in the best frame of mind at that time of the morning, I grabbed her out of bed and took her to the den where we sat in a battle of wills over honey ham versus lunchables. I did not want the crackers in my bed and we are not running restaurant. Silly I know, we finally after two hours compromised on cereal and grapes and I fed her the cereal so there was no mess. She was happy and I was glad to get back to bed and near as I can tell she still loves me. Lesson learned after bedtime is no time to fight over food.

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