A Proud Moment...

Most parents are proud of their children because they're theirs.  I'm a proud poppa, there's no denying it. I couldn't be prouder of my "Katiebug." I'm not blind to her childish and selfish behavior. Let's face it she's only three going on four to expect more would be ludicrous. I do spend a lot time wondering if I'm doing the right things as her parent.  But I had a proud moment not long ago.  I had gone into "Dollar Tree" to pick up Stephanie to babysit with us one night while we went to a party.  While I was in there I happened notice pez dispensers for the Disney movie "Tinkerbell."  Well Katie just loves Tinkerbell and so I decided to pick them up for her since there were only three, and since the next day was Jasmyn's birthday I wanted to have something for Katie.  She doesn't really understand that she doesn't get gifts when it's someone else's birthday.  Well I gave her the pez dispensers and she absolutely loved them and began to carry them wherever she went.  
One day several days later Jasmyn was upset and Katie was sitting there wanting to comfort her baby "sister" and she slowly handed Jasmyn one of her beloved dispensers.  That's a moment to brag about, because it's an indication of where her heart is.  She's not perfect and won't be in this life, but I hope this is an indication of where she is headed.

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  1. Russ Bailey6:21 AM

    Seeing your kids show compassion and make wise decisions is so cool. You must be training her well.