We Must Be Out of Our Mind

With all that happened last week, Janet and I were unsure whether we wanted to continue with the foster care.  But then we began to ask ourselves, "Why we began doing this." 
  • Our most selfish reason was that we wanted to adopt, we wanted to have children of our own.   Apparently we are unable to have any of our own.  I guess we could go through the whole fertility process, but I think it's better to adopt someone in need of a home.
  • Secondly it provided a service and stability for the childrenThe city we live has expressed their concerns about retaining foster parents.  When they asked us I couldn't tell you why, I can now.
  • Third and most importantly, we are beginning to look at this as a ministry.  I think that scares Janet a little.  But we've in at one situation have been able to minister to a family member of the child we have in our home.
  • Fourth we can't imagine never having know these children.  Even the ones who have been in our home for just a short period of time have impacted our lives.
So now we are going to go back and talk with the social worker and get another placement.  We just pray that God will bless the children and their families through us.

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