It’s cloudy outside, sort of like my mood.  Today I handed Jasmyn over for the last time.  It was great to have her again last night, but it was extremely sad to see her go.

Jasmyn was the last of our foster children.  Over the past year we’ve had a multitude of children in our home and now our house seems enormously empty.

There has been so much chaos and noise.  And although Janet and I griped and complained, we loved every minute of it.

So now we wait to see what God has next for us.  I feel like I should be doing something though.  I don’t wait very well.

There is ray of sunshine, Blaine is willing to keep coming out each week and visiting with us even if Jasmyn is not there.  Katie and Nivaya are going to play together while the adults talk.

It’s amazing what kind of skills you learn as a parent.  For instance, carrying on a conversation while the kids scream.

I hope we get to see Jasmyn again.

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  1. I can't even begin to express how much thanks && respect I have for you && Janet...I have tried to sit down && write letters for you guys but they never gert finished...THANK YOU <3