She's Back...Er was

Jasmyn came back last night.  Just for one night.  She off again today.  She's a jet setter.  She'll be off hobnobbing with the likes of (gasp) her OWN MOTHER.  Yes she will be off to what I think will be the right place for her.  Although she will be back on Monday and then off again (for good) on Friday.
It was good to see her again last night.  She and I played for awhile, but you know the attention span of your average 18 month old is only slightly less than that of your average 48 year old male.
We had another visit with Blaine, Jasmyn's grandfather.  What a good guy.  He was surprised to find out things were moving along so quickly, but he did say that Elizabeth was a good mother that made some poor choices.  I don't know many 17 year olds who don't make poor choices.  I think there are some of us who never grow out of that.
I still have a slight amount of selfishness and want to keep Jasmyn forever.  I think that's only natural.  I mean she is a beautiful child with such a hearty laugh.
Katie has surprised me.  We were concerned how she would respond to all of this and she doesn't even act like it bothers her.  I think we as parents over analyse everything.
After this, Janet and I have decided to take a break and heal a little.  In the past year we have had Jasmyn, Lindsey, Junior, James, Michael, and four other children in our home.  None of them were for our forever family.  I'm sad for that, but I'm glad we could be there for them.
If you pray, pray for us.  Katie is ours in the respect that we have custody.  But her last name is not ours and we want a child that no one else can lay a claim to.  That seems selfish.
Pray specifically for the that child and that we are prepared. 
In all things Seek God with all your Heart.

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