She is Still Around

Jasmyn is still in our lives and we are very grateful.  No, she is not staying with us, but Elizabeth has said that she wants us to see Jasmyn every other week.  We had to think about this for a second and said “Well okay.”  And if you believe that I have some swamp land in Florida for sale.  We are ecstatic.

Blaine is going to keep bringing Nivayah around every week to play with Katie.  So it seems all is right with the world.  Today.

Katie doesn’t seem to notice that Jasmyn is gone.  She taken it all pretty well.  Janet and I have adjusted well.  I think we did all our crying before Jasmyn left.

Now I’m hoping and sometimes praying that I will get the opportunity to share the gospel.  I need to go from sometimes praying to always praying.  I just have such difficulty in this area.

It’s not that I don’t know the importance of prayer, it’s that right now I find it to be a chore.  And many times I don’t know how to start my prayer.  I guess that means that those of you who do need to pray for those of us who don’t so that we will.  Confusing enough?

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