God Speaks...

Most of the time I love it when God speaks.  I say most of the time.   Lately God has been talking to me about my sin.  I'm not really crazy about that.   I would much rather just stroll along thinking everything is hunky dory.  So much for the illusion of my perfection.  I know I'll tell you "no one's perfect," but in reality I think I am.  Maybe I should have never told God whatever it takes. 

That's not all He's been talking to me about.  I suffer from anxiety, to the point I take medication for it.  There are times when the anxiety wells up inside of my that I think my chest is going to explode.  I know much of my anxiety is self inflicted and God has been speaking to me about trusting in Him.  I've been practicing this anxiety for so many years it will be next to impossible for me to overcome.

I think that part of my anxiety comes from my own feeling of self worth.  I really believe that what I do doesn't matter.  God has been telling me that He is willing to use me if I am willing.  I guess if God is using me to do it, wonderful things will happen.

I could use prayer in all of this.

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