I Hate Chuck E Cheese

I probably shouldn't use the word "hate," but I can't think of a stronger word.

We went to Chuck E Cheese this weekend to celebrate the second birthday of Jasmyn.  Why would you take a two year old to Chuck E Cheese?  But then I digress.  Katie loves it there.  She runs all over the place playing the games and I usually follow here from one game to the next.  At one point I lost her.  I searched all over, and even went back to table.  I asked Janet if she had come back to the table at any time.  Nope.  Now I'm starting to get a little panicky.

Then I heard her, she was crying.  She had taken her tickets to the counter and was trying to cash them in for a purse.  Like she doesn't have enough purses.  We need 399 tickets for the purse and we had forty.  I went back to the skee ball to see if I could win enough more.  Forty-five tickets later. 

Janet and I decided to pay the difference, $3.19.  I think we spoil her.  She was very happy and lo there was make up in the very cheaply made purse, which since Saturday has been all over her face and dresses.  I'm waiting for her run out, then she can have more when I'm dead.

It reminds me of another visit.  It was Katie's first visit and she ran all over as before and was having a ball.  She went with the baby sitter and the other children there.  They were older and knew that the tickets equaled prizes.  They took there tickets to the counter and were getting prizes and candy.  Katie was barely two and she went the counter and look the girl in the eyes and said "I want candy."  I don't the girl knew what to do, she looked at Katie and then looked at me, obviously uncomfortable.  I asked her if I could buy it and she said I could.  So eleven cents later Katie was happy, the girl was relieved, and I was beginning to hate Chuck E Cheese.

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