A Little Scare A Lotta Hope

This week we had a little scare.  Well maybe not so much a little scare.  I should really start at the beginning.  Someone we know is pregnant and does not want to keep the child.  So we are being allowed to adopt the child.  The only stipulation is that the child will never know who the mother is.  Well we've been trying to adopt for so long, it just seemed to be the ideal situation.

Let's call the mother, Clara, to make things simple.  I am going to stress this is not her real name.

Clara called Janet to tell her when she woke up Monday morning, she found a lot of blood in her panties.  Sorry for being so graphic.  Well, Janet left work to take her to the hospital, and on the way called her mother, and then me.  When I got the call, she was sobbing so hard I could barely understand her.  I asked her if she wanted me to meet her at the hospital, I knew she would say yes.  So I cleared it with my boss and left for the hospital.

On the way to the hospital I began to have a conversation with God.  I have to say I was expecting the worst.  I told God that I didn't understand why He would get my hopes up and then chop my legs out from under me.  I asked if it was that I wasn't supposed to adopt this child or any child for that matter.

I caught up to Janet and Clara at the hospital.  I tried to be positive and joke around so that Janet and Clara wouldn't be any more upset than they already were.  That seemed to work well.

Finally after several hours in the emergency room we had our diagnosis.  (By the way if any one in the emergency room says "I'll be right back."  expect them to be gone a half hour)  The doctor told us that whenever someone is pregnant and is bleeding it is what they call a "threatened abortion."  That's a horrible term for possible miscarriage.  He did make it clear that they didn't know for sure, it could go either way. 

So Janet made an appointment for Clara the next day.

On the next day, Tuesday if your keeping up with that, I was listening to John Macarthur.  He was talking a worship and part of this focused on 1 Thessalonians 5:18 "Give thanks in everything, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus."  Take a look at that -- "Give thanks in everything," not only for the good times, but also for bad times.   So I grumbled a little bit, then I said okay God if that's what you and if this is what it takes for me to make an impact then this is what I will do.  It is God who gets all the glory and I will give thanks to Him in all situations, in all things.

I don't know if there is any correlation, but when Janet called me later, I found out the baby was fine.  There is a heartbeat and the baby was thrashing about and kicking.  And I learned an important lesson.

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