Parmesan Lost

A few years ago when Katie had just learned to walk, we were living in an apartment.  Why that's significant I don't know except to say that we were living on one level.  The reason I tell you this will be clear in a moment.  I had been telling Janet how I used to love the Kraft Parmesan cheese for my spaghetti.  You should probably know that Janet prefers to grate her own Parmesan cheese, but because she loves me so she bought me some.

We brought the groceries in and Janet put them away.  Katie was wandering around the apartment.  Later Janet told me that she had bought the cheese but it hadn't been put in any of the bags.  No big deal, it happens.  She would just tell them the next time she went to the store.

A few days later, and thankfully before Janet went back to the store, we saw Katie with a familiar green cylinder.  So that's what happened to the cheese.  We couldn't help but laugh.

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