Are You a Fanatic?

Years ago (I’m not going to tell you how many), when I was first saved.  I was always reading my Bible.  Everywhere I went I read my Bible I even made some feeble attempts at prayer.  I would try to tell everyone about my faith.  I wanted every one to go to Heaven.  I felt like one of my friends when he said “when the rapture comes I’m going to grab the two closest people and say ‘Do you wanna get saved or do I let go?’”

Over the years, the Bible became drudgery, my prayer life became non-existent, and some folks who called themselves Christian made the rest of us cringe.  Even if they were possibly right.  I used to say  “I’m a Christian, but I’m not a fanatic!” 

Now I think I’ve come full circle.  I would like my prayer life  to be better,  I’m reading my Bible more, and I want my study to go deeper.  I think if you were to call me a fanatic today, I would consider that an honor.

What do you think?

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