For those of you who don’t know, Katie is really my granddaughter and that is by my wife’s youngest daughter.  So when Sammie became a part of our family I became a father not in just name alone.

When we brought Katie home I was content to be “Poppa” for her.  When she started to talk she started calling everyone “Mommy,” including me and the other kids in the day care.

As she got older she learned to differentiate names of different individuals, so then I became “Poppa.”  I loved it.

I remember the first time she called me “Daddy.”  We were having a party and she wandered through the house hollering for “Daddy.”  There was no real urgency, she just wanted something from me.  I don’t remember what.

One day I picked her up from daycare and she was having a conversation with one of the other children.  I believe they told her that I was “Poppa” and not “Daddy.”  She turned to me and asked “Are you Poppa or Daddy?”  I said “Honey, I’m whoever you need me to be.”  She turned to the other child and said, “That’s my Daddy.”  I’ve been “Daddy” ever since and glad to be.

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  1. Ginny Hopkins8:07 PM

    Beautiful sentiments. :) Mark and I were sorry to miss the shower. (We were in Williamsburg celebrating our anniversary.) We definitely want to get something special for Sammie, though! Hope you're all adjusting well!