Name Change...

If you read this at all you'll notice I've done a name change for the blog. On a whim I did a Google search for "Two Fathers." It came up with a bunch of sites for homosexual fathers and I didn't think that would fit with my Christian blog. So I decided to change it to Our Rec Room. In our home that's where we watch TV, play games, read, and study. I hope you like the new name. And I hope I get better at writing.

As Much As You…

I met a woman the other day.  I walked past her on my way to lunch.  I knew before I got there who she was, one of the increasing number of homeless around here.  I walked by ignoring, but noticing.

I thought about her while I was getting my lunch and my free pastry.  I wondered what I should do, if anything.  It bothered me that I didn’t do anything.  Should I give her money, or buy her lunch.   If I give her money is that enough.  I didn’t just want to give her money and just walk by.  

I stopped on the way back and talked to her.  I asked her what happened to make her homeless.  Was she getting help from the local churches?  How long had she been homeless?

After talking with her, I gave her a few paltry dollars and walked on, not really feeling great.  She said “God bless you.”  I wondered if what I did was enough.

What’s really funny: I never asked her name…

In His Time

In His time...  Sometimes those word seem so trite.  It's as if we are trying to sound so spiritual, when inside we are boiling over with impatience.  We forget how God has blessed us in the past and how His ways are not our ways.  We live in a fast food society.  There is no such thing as stopping to smell the Roses anymore.  We forgotten how to wait upon the Lord.  But when we do, He blesses us.  He gives us strength and stamina.  He takes us to heights that we have never seen before.  We just need to learn to wait.

This is the lesson that I've learned in our journey to adopt Sammie.  I can remember telling Janet when we were talking about adoption, "I don't see how this is ever going to happen."  I had gotten to the point, that I was just going to give up, and God gave us Sammie.  I am so overwhelmed with the graciousness of God.

My next prayer is that Janet will be able to stay home for the children.  I really don't see how that is ever going to happen.  I'm excited to see how God is going to bring it about.


Lately I’ve been frustrated.  Not at anyone thing in particular, but it seems to be about everything.  I have so much I want to do and be and I always seem to come up short.  I know of course, in my head, that I can’t do in my own strength.  I need to wait on the Lord, I really don’t think there’s anything harder.

I really want to be regular on this blog.  I given it to God and I’ve stopped writing.  I think in some way I feel I can’t measure up, but I know the standard.  God doesn’t expect that, he expects obedience, I wonder why I can’t leave it at that.