As Much As You…

I met a woman the other day.  I walked past her on my way to lunch.  I knew before I got there who she was, one of the increasing number of homeless around here.  I walked by ignoring, but noticing.

I thought about her while I was getting my lunch and my free pastry.  I wondered what I should do, if anything.  It bothered me that I didn’t do anything.  Should I give her money, or buy her lunch.   If I give her money is that enough.  I didn’t just want to give her money and just walk by.  

I stopped on the way back and talked to her.  I asked her what happened to make her homeless.  Was she getting help from the local churches?  How long had she been homeless?

After talking with her, I gave her a few paltry dollars and walked on, not really feeling great.  She said “God bless you.”  I wondered if what I did was enough.

What’s really funny: I never asked her name…

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