Weekend Notes...

It was a very good weekend.  I know that's why you dropped by, to find out how my weekend went.   I can't remember what we did Friday night, and no alcohol was not involved.

Saturday we went to breakfast with my mother-in-law.  She's in her eighties and a good friend recently died, so we just thought she may need some more company.  We hadn't told Katie about Charlie, but she asked and we told her.  She didn't take it extremely well or extremely bad.   She was upset for as long as a five year old can.

We were all in bad need of a haircut so we went to Terri's.  Terri has been cutting my hair on and off for years.  I love her and her husband they've been good friends to me over the years.  I did find out that Mark has been really sick, you will want to add him to your prayer list.

When we got home, Janet and Katie went up to take a nap.  I was left to take care of Sammie.  If she would have gone to sleep so would I.  When Janet and Katie got up, I went up to take one myself.

Saturday evening we went to see the lights in the city park, as usual they were beautiful, and Katie was so excited.  It was fun, but it just shows that she is growing up and fast.  I wish she would slow down somewhat.

Sunday we went to Sunday School and Church.  I went down to help in the nursery, because they were shorthanded.  No kudos here, I missed last week so I owed them.  Janet took notes for me, she never takes notes.  What a great wife!

I ended the weekend by taking three five year old girls to Taco Bell and Awanas.  I'm thinking I'm in need of a psychological examination.

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