Would you be willing to consider yourself a slave?  To surrender yourself totally to God.  How do you feel about giving up complete freedom.  Or are you still a slave to sin?  That's the topic of John MacArthur's new book (at least to me) Slave.  I had the privilege of reading this book as the first book by John MacArthur I have ever read.
Except for the idea that he believes that there has been a "cover up" in the translation of the bible in which the Greek word "doulos" has been translated "servant" instead of "slave," there is nothing earth shattering that I could see.
I'm not saying this isn't a good book, because I did enjoy it.  It is a good reminder to us that we are ultimately slaves either to sin or willing ones to the Lord.  He uses a great deal of historical information to show what it is like to be a slave during Roman and Biblical times.  Because I like the history behind the Bible, I found this to be enjoyable.
He also uses this book promote Calvinism, by saying essentially that slaves do not choose their master.  Maybe promote is not the word.  I did not agree with his assessment with that.
Overall I thought book was worth a read and not a difficult one at that.  I have nothing to compare this book to, but having listened to Dr. MacArthur's sermons for years I can't imagine this was his best work.

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What's On Your Tivo?

We have a Tivo.  There's a unique feature with Tivo in that it will make recommendations based upon your television watching history.  I wonder how many of us would not be embarrassed by what Tivo would recommend.

Peace About Death

About twenty years ago I had a problem.  Okay I have problems now, but this was a major health problem.  Whenever I lay on my right side I was having difficulty breathing.  Not being an alarmist or anything, I went to the doctor for the chronic nose bleeds I was having and casually mentioned this problem.  I was a bit taken aback when he seemed more concerned over the breathing issue that the nose bleeds.  Apparently chronic nose bleeds are more common than breathing issues.

He scheduled me for an xray which showed that I either had a collapsed lung or there was fluid in my chest cavity.  Are you grossed out yet? He believed that the collapsed lung was more likely since I was young and fluid in the chest cavity is not that common.  Guess which one it was.

Well the next step was to drain out the fluid and find out the cause.  Draining the fluid turned out to be no picnic,  it was done by sticking a needle in my chest cavity from the back and letting drain.  It was uncomfortable.   After which I endured a series of tests, from a catheterization to testing the bone marrow.  When the bone marrow was removed it was so painful even with a local that  I vomited my lunch and then some.  I'll bet that grossed you out.

Most of the tests revealed nothing, but it was discovered that I had a calcified pericardium.  That's the sack around that heart and it a calcium buildup.  It was thick and getting thicker.  The only way to fix it was through heart surgery.  Yep they cracked my chest.

Obviously things worked out fine, except now they believe I have an irregular heartbeat from it.  But I tell you this story to tell you this, through it all I had peace that if I had died I would be sitting in front of Jesus that very day.  Do you have that peace?

Daddy I'm Going To Marry You

Yesterday morning Katie said to me as I carried her into school, "Daddy I'm going to marry you."  I was happy to hear her say that not because I ever expect to marry her, but because I know we're still as close as ever.  She's been going through an exasperating new phase in her life where she has an attitude about everything.   I thought that didn't happen until they were in their teens.  I've had to be harder on her in the last few months and I've tried to spend more time with her as well.  

I do have a fear that sometime in the future that we will grow apart and we won't be as close.  I've seen it happen for others and I don't want it to happen for us.