Nate the Snake

After God had created the heavens and the earth and after He rested and finally after the fall, He added to the earth a lever in the middle of nowhere.  This lever was very important for if it were switched on it would destroy the whole earth.  And because man had become sinful and depraved, He knew the lever must be guarded, so He employed a snake named Nate.

After many years of Nate slithering around and guarding this lever, a man approached Nate and said "Hey, Nate."  How he knew Nate's name I do not know.  Nate replied "Hey, what?"  The man said "I am a great talent agent and I can get you great roles in many movies in Hollywood."  

Well Nate thought about it and having many human qualities said "Well God will never know."  So off he went to star in movies.  His career was quite successful.  He starred in movies like "Sssssssss" and costarred in "Frogs."  After a time his career began to wane, so he decided it was time for him to go back to the lever.

Lo and behold, a great 12 lane super highway had been built up with the lever in the median.  This would have never happened if Nate had stayed at his post.  Nate from the side of the highway noticed something alarming: In the median was a madman bent on destroying the world making his way to the lever. 

With great urgency Nate began to slither across the highway, dodging the traffic the best he could.

The driver of an 18 wheeler bearing down upon Nate, recognized Nate and being a fan averted the truck to the median, killing the madman.  But driver saw that he was about to hit the lever and destroy the world, so he pulled back onto the highway, mangling and killing Nate.


The moral of the story:  Better Nate than lever.