I Don't See It

We have known for some time that Katie has some problems that are manifesting themselve in her school work.  When a child can read a sentene extremely well one minute and the next minute it appears to be Greek, there is definitely a problem.  In order to be good parents, we sought help from our primary care physician, who then gave us a set of questionaires (one for us and one for her teacher) to fill.   Based upon the results of those, she referred us to a child psychologist.

There was some difficulty getting in to see her, because she preferred to make her own appointments.  So it was a while before she returned my call, I had almost given up hope.  We took Katie to see her and then the tests began.  Being an extremely (and I do mean extremely active) six year old, there was difficulty in getting her to sit for any length of time.  They really should see her at home.  The phrase bing-bing-bing comes to mind.  If you don't understand the phrase then you either: don't have children or have very placid children.

The day of reckoning came last Wednesday, the results from the tests.  One of the first words I remeber hear was "quirky."  The doctor appeared to think Katie had "quirky" behavior.  I don't think I've ever heard that word in modern conversation.  I would have to agree that there is a quirkiness to Katie, but I don't necessarily think that's a negative.  I love her personality and the way she just loves everyone, we all could learn from that.

Then came the word "autistic."  I could tell you I was floored, but it would be a lie.  It had crossed my mind once or twice, but never really settled in.  I'll confess I didn't know what being autistic really meant.  This was not necessarily a diagnostic at this point, but it needs to be ruled out.

I've since done some research and I'm going to have to say, I don't see it.  It's not because I don't want to, but autism appears to be social disorder wherein the child has difficulty in social settings.  That doesn't appear to be Katie's problem, her problem as I see it is difficulty in focusing.   That appears to be more of an ADHD type of issue.

I'm not an expert by any stretch of the imagination, but I do know my child.  I would appreciate your prayers, particularly that I would be a help and champion for Katie, in addition to a good and godly father.

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