It's Official

When last we spoke, we had been left with the possibility that Katie might be autistic.  Or at least that's what the therapist was thinking.  Well we cancelled the next appointment with the therapist, not because it was something we didn't want to hear, but because we had a meeting with Katie's neurologist about her seizures.  He also handles ADHD.  We told him what the therapist said.  I think that's the first time I've ever seen a doctor roll his eyes.  Apparently that's the "in thing." well we don't want Katie to have the "in thing."  We would really rather she just be a normal little girl.

Dr. F. (The neurologist) prescribed an extremely small dose of medicine and a week later we are seeing a different child.  She is much more focused than I could have hoped and is not bouncing off the walls nearly as much.  I say thank God for Dr. F.

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