Links For 12/29/2011

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Recently, I was saddened when a friend announced that he was "officially divorced."  We have had a long standing friendship, that dates back to my Navy days, but we haven't really seen each other in years.  We were part of a close knit fellowship of believers on board the ship I was stationed on toward the end of my enlistment.  I'll tell you more about them later.

When I say that I was saddened, I'm not sure that actually describes it.  My heart began to ache, literally.

I was saddened not only for the end of this marriage, but also for the number of my friends who are no longer walking with the Lord.  I was saddened for the number of years when I did not walk with the Lord.

It saddens me when I know someone who has died does not know the Lord.  It makes it all the more urgent for each of us to share the good news story.  To share our story.